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Posted on Thursday, October 19, 2023

Providence Health Care is seeking a Vice President, Medical Affairs to play a crucial role in shaping the future of healthcare delivery at Providence.


Would you be excited to lead the St Paul’s medical staff into our new hospital, and to support new ways of working and new approaches to physician engagement and compensation across all of our services and sites? Are you motivated by innovative, compassionate care driven by social justice, provided by medical staff and staff who are supported to thrive in their roles?


If so, please consider applying for this role. Reporting to the President & CEO, you will be a key member of our Senior Leadership Team. Your responsibilities will include strategic leadership, financial stewardship, and ensuring the delivery of high-quality medical services that align with our organization's goals and mission.


Key Responsibilities:
Quality Medical Staff Management: You will oversee the quality of our medical staff, ensuring all Medical Practitioners are fully licensed and vetted. You will have the authority to make temporary suspensions while respecting the rights of patients, the Board, and individual Medical Practitioners.
Physician Compensation: Managing the portfolio of physician compensation, you will ensure efficient use of resources to deliver clinical care and medical administration. You will also handle contracts with physicians, groups of physicians, and other compensation-related agreements.
Physician Engagement: Provide strategic leadership for physician engagement strategies, aligning with the provincial Physician Engagement Memorandum of Understanding.
Physician Wellness: Lead our Physician Wellness Strategy to support the well-being of our medical staff.
Leadership Appointments: Oversee the appointment, support, and accountability systems for physician Heads of Department and other key physician leadership positions to ensure they align with our vision.

The VP leads a team which includes the Senior Medical Director, Medical Affairs and Engagement Strategies, and the Executive Director, Medical Affairs and Medical Staff Services.

Qualifications / Skills and Education

Education, Training, and Experience:


  • Master's degree in Health, Business Administration, or a related health discipline, or equivalent.
  • Fifteen (15) years of clinical practice and senior management experience in a medium to large complex healthcare organization.
  • Licensed Physician in the Province of British Columbia.




Leads Self: Demonstrates self-awareness, manages self, develops self, and demonstrates character.

Engages Others: Fosters the development of others, contributes to the creation of a healthy organization, communicates effectively, and builds effective teams.

Achieves Results: Sets direction, strategically aligns decisions with vision, values, and evidence, takes action to implement decisions, and assesses and evaluates results.

Develops Coalitions: Builds partnerships and networks, demonstrates a commitment to customers and service, mobilizes knowledge, and navigates the socio-political environment.

Systems Transformation: Demonstrates systems/critical thinking, encourages and supports innovation, is strategically oriented to the future, and champions and orchestrates change.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. As a member of the SLT, assumes joint accountability for the development, implementation and evaluation of PHC’s long term goals, processes and systems required to action and attain the strategic plan, with specific responsibility to advance a culture of optimum, consistent continuous improvement and excellence in the delivery of medical programs and services.

2. Leads the establishment of PHC’s medical services strategic and operational goals and the implementation and evaluation of policies, procedures, regulations and standards necessary to operationalize the plan. Works in partnership with SLT members to enable integration of strategies and operations while ensuring federal, provincial and local standards and regulatory requirements are met.

3. Works closely with the Executive Director, Medical Affairs for ensuring the processes to recommend appointments and re-appointments to the Medical Staff are performed in a fashion that assures the Board that the Medical Staff is fully credentialed and vetted and is the best possible to provide the care of patients who present to the various facilities of PHC.

4. Leads the strategy for improving Physician Wellness, working closely with the VP, People, Nursing and Health Professionals to ensure an integrated approach for everyone who works at PHC.

5. Designs and implements an effective organizational structure by identifying critical issues related to service requirements and establishing short, medium and long term goals and objectives required to effectively and efficiently deliver medical services across all health service delivery areas.

6. Within this organizational structure, leads the appointment of the physician Heads of Department and other key physician leadership positions. Ensures that they have clear objectives and are supported and held accountable to achieve these objectives, in order to deliver the PHC vision.

7. Manages the portfolio of Physician Compensation and ensures that PHC monies and Ministry of Health (MOH) monies, where applicable, are used efficiently to deliver both clinical care and medical administration and manages with his/her direct reports all contracts with physicians, groups of physicians and other contracts for physician compensation. Participates in the MOH Physician Medical Services Executive Council (PMSEC) to provide input into provincial strategies and PHC feedback on MOH activities in physicians’ services.

8. Manages portfolio to achieve the organizational strategy of moving towards a more integrated compensation and relationships between physicians and the organization. Maintains and enhances MOH support for this strategy.

9. Establishes and oversees annual operating plans and related budgets for the portfolio, developing an appropriate structure and allocating the financial, technological, physical, and human resources required to achieve current and long-range strategies and meet operating objectives within PHC’s fiscal framework.

10. Works closely with the Vice President, Indigenous Wellness and Reconciliation to apply an Indigenous lens to patient safety and relations and to ensure quality care for the Indigenous patient population that is free of anti-Indigenous racism and discrimination. Collaborates in the establishment of strategies and policies that promote reconciliation and advance PHC’s commitment to Indigenous engagement in the provision of care.

11. Provides strategic leadership related to physician engagement strategies as part of the Provincial Physician Engagement Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between MOH and Doctors of BC.

12. Explores opportunities to improve engagement between physicians and the organization leaders to work together to share knowledge and make informed decisions that can improve patient care and the cost-effectiveness of the health care system.

13. Models key behaviours and encourages respectful dialogue to motivate the achievement of personal and professional goals. Provides feedback through ongoing coaching and annual performance reviews, identifies the core competencies needed to succeed, and provides opportunities for professional development.

14. Provides senior executive representation in developing and maintaining collaborative working relationships with internal and external stakeholders to address regional or provincial issues, share information, and promote partnerships. Collaborates and participates with the Ministry of Health, BC Health Authorities, and provincial and national organizations on industry initiatives.

15. Nurtures a culture of excellence and innovation that enhances our profile as a health care provider. Identifies emerging trends in health care delivery and transforms quality and safety in the organization by incorporating new and innovative approaches and encouraging the integration of education and research activities into the strategic plans for the portfolio.

16. Performs other duties as required.



Providence Health Care is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity in the workplace. We welcome all qualified applicants.

If you are a healthcare leader with a passion for shaping the future of medical services, we want to hear from you.

Vaccination Flag

As per the current Public Health Orders (Long Term Care/Seniors Assisted Living Provincial Health Order and the Health Sector Order), as of October 26, 2021, all employees working for Providence Health Care must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Proof of vaccination status will be required.