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Posted on Thursday, October 19, 2023

Reporting to the Program Director, Heart Centre, and under the clinical direction of the Professional Practice Leader, Psychology, the Psychologist, Heart Centre is in charge of psychological services for the Heart Centre Ambulatory Programs at the St. Paul's Hospital site. The Psychologist, Heart Centre works within the context of a client and family centered care model and in accordance with the established standards of professional practice of the College of Psychologists of British Columbia and within the vision and values of the organization. The Psychologist, Heart Centre is responsible for the development, management and provision of psychology services within the Heart Centre Ambulatory Programs including providing individual and group therapy to clients and their families. Acts as a clinical member of an interdisciplinary team. Designs and participates in research activities related to the psychological aspects of heart disease. Participates in program planning and evaluation, care team meetings and rounds.

Qualifications / Skills and Education

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from an accredited University, plus one year supervised internship. Two (2) years recent related experience in a medical setting delivering a broad range of psychological services, including basic neuro-cognitive assessments as a member of a collaborative interdisciplinary team. Requires a research background and ability to design and implement research projects. Registered or eligible for registration with the College of Psychologists of British Columbia, within one year of employment.

Skills and Abilities

Knowledge of therapeutic, diagnostic and consultation techniques.

Knowledge of psychology assessment and treatment methods and tools.

Knowledge of evidence based psychological practice.

Ability to function as a team member, leader and facilitator.

Ability to communicate with and deal effectively with co-workers, clients and their families, both one-on-one and in groups.

Ability to work independently and in collaboration with others.

Ability to teach and provide clinical supervision.

Ability to establish workload priorities in collaboration with others.

Physical ability to perform the duties of the position.

Ability to operate related equipment including personal computer and related word processing and spreadsheet software.

Duties and Responsibilities

Coordinates the development, management and provision of psychology services within the Heart Centre Ambulatory Programs through methods such as analyzing treatment needs and establishing and maintaining policies, procedures and guidelines.

Participates in the short and long-term planning for the Heart Centre Ambulatory Programs through methods such as evaluating the effectiveness of treatment within these programs, identifying opportunities for change and formulating recommendations for quality improvement to ensure optimal outcomes are met.

Assists in the development and maintenance of psychological screening methods such that patients and families who are in psychological distress are appropriately identified and referred for full psychological assessment and treatment, when appropriate. In addition, the Psychologist provides training and support in the use of these screening methods.

Completes psychological assessments of referred clients through methods such as reviewing client history, gathering information from the referral source/client/other relevant persons, interviewing clients, conducting or supervising testing and developing/determining most effective methods of treatment to improve client health status. When applicable, these assessments result in multiaxial diagnoses based on the most recent DSM categories categories, and treatment recommendations reflecting evidence based psychological practice.

Completes assessments of psychological factors which may adversely affect the recovery process and overall outcome of the patient. Participates in regular rounds, case conference and care team meetings, provides input and actively participates in decision making processes.

Provides individual and group psychotherapy to clients within the Heart Centre Ambulatory Programs including developing and implementing didactic and experiential group modules.

Liaises with external agencies in the care of clients throughout the healthcare continuum by methods such as following up with outside agencies including education institutions, health care facilities and related agencies. Organizes treatment plans, participates in case management and attends internal and external interdisciplinary meetings to ensure continuity of care of clients.

Attends clinical/case conferences as a member of an interdisciplinary team for client reviews, and treatment planning. Duties include providing input from a psychology perspective on a variety of care issues related to the client, and program effectiveness to ensure proper and effective treatment of the client.

Interprets psychological issues and interventions for interdisciplinary team members through consultation and case discussion, to ensure common understanding of the psychological issue.

Maintains client records through methods such as documenting client participation in the programs, most effective treatment, charting client information and psychological findings, preparing progress notes and psychological reports in accordance with established standards, and policies and procedures to meet regulatory requirements and document for future reference.

Provides formal and informal consultation to staff/community psychologists, other multidisciplinary team members of the hospital, other health care facilities, and students. Duties include reviewing client/family needs or a specific client's progress, problem solving and providing guidance/knowledge in the management of a client or client group and information regarding the appropriate usage of psychology assessment and testing tools to facilitate a conducive learning environment and ongoing staff development.

Provides clinical teaching and supervision to undergraduate and graduate Psychology students and other applicable students from a psychological perspective by performing duties such as planning and organizing area assignment, monitoring clinical teaching and skill development, and providing evaluations to appropriate individuals to facilitate a conducive learning environment and professional expertise.

Maintains knowledge of current developments in Psychology Services, specifically as it relates to cardiac health, by methods such as reviewing literature, consulting with clinical and community experts, evaluating clinical practice and referral systems, and attending professional development activities to meet regulatory requirements of the College of Psychologists of British Columbia, recommend new practices, and contribute to improvement in care.

Develops and conducts research projects in conjunction with interdisciplinary team members to improve clinical outcomes with clients/families and publishes findings.

Performs other related duties as assigned.
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As per the current Public Health Orders (Long Term Care/Seniors Assisted Living Provincial Health Order and the Health Sector Order), as of October 26, 2021, all employees working for Providence Health Care must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Proof of vaccination status will be required.