Biomedical Engineering Technologist Lead (Senior/Technical Consultant)

Providence Health Care

Providence Health Care

north vancouver, bc, canada
Posted on Wednesday, August 2, 2023

We are seeking a Senior Technologist for the Coastal Biomedical Engineering Team.  The team has 8 Clinical Biomedical Engineering Technologists and one Supervisor, and provides services to Lionsgate Hospital (LGH), Squamish Hospital, Sechelt Hospital, qathet General Hospital, Heiltsuk Hospital, Bella Coola General Hospital, Whistler Health Care Centre and Pemberton Health Center. The home site for this position is LGH.


This role is to support the LGH redevelopment, specifically, the construction of a new acute care facility (ACF), the Paul Meyers Tower. The ACF will include 108 new patient beds, 39 perioperative care beds, and 8 new operating rooms. Construction has started last year and will continue through to the fall of 2024. Following completion of the project, the position will transition into a Senior Technologist role dedicated to providing ongoing support for the Coastal Operations Team.


Qualifications / Skills and Education

Graduation from a recognized program in Biomedical Engineering Technology plus a minimum of five (5) years recent, related technical experience in the field of Biomedical Engineering (including experience in project management; technology assessment; and equipment planning, evaluation and selection), or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience.

Eligibility for certification with the Applied Science Technologists and Technicians of British Columbia as an Applied Science Technologist.

Valid BC Drivers License and access to a personal vehicle to travel with tools and equipment for work purposes.

Skills and Abilities

Demonstrated ability to provide advanced technical advice, education, training, and consultation to Biomedical Engineering Technologists on a variety of technology and equipment related to biomedical engineering services.

Demonstrated ability to supervise staff.

Demonstrated ability to coordinate and deliver effective training/education sessions and related materials.

Knowledge of adult learning principles.

Comprehensive knowledge of the operating and maintenance practices and procedures for relevant medical equipment, current computer troubleshooting and networking knowledge, and proven component-level repair skills.

Working knowledge of Asset Management systems, Patient Safety Learning System, Equipment Alert, Hazards and Recalls, and Loss Reduction.

Broad knowledge of project design, management principles and methodologies, and demonstrated ability to develop and lead project strategies.

Demonstrated ability to work independently and in a highly dynamic environment.

Demonstrated ability to collaborate in a team environment.

Demonstrated ability to organize work.

Demonstrated ability to address issues with analytical reasoning and problem solving skills.

Demonstrated ability to communicate effectively, both verbal and in writing.

Demonstrated ability to deal courteously with vendors, colleagues, hospital staff and equipment users in stressful situations.

Demonstrated ability to operate related equipment, including test equipment and tools.

Physical ability to carry out the duties of the position including good finger dexterity, close vision and colour discrimination.

Duties and Responsibilities

Coordinates, leads, monitors implementation of assigned biomedical engineering projects; ensures successful /coordinated completion of project components by methods such as executing project plan according to project methodologies, facilitating consensus with stakeholders as needed, overseeing assigned staff/project resources, tracking project progress, monitoring and reporting on the status of projects, making recommendations regarding project scope changes. Maintains ongoing support for assigned projects from user groups and other stakehldrs; works to remove barriers to successful completion of projects with emphasis on resolving issues/facilitating collabtv relationships by ensuring effective communication/reporting channels are in place. Provides leadrshp, advanced tech advice /consultn to Biomedical Engineering Techns and to users of Clinical & Biomedical Engineering-related Tech and Equip across the LMCS BMET. Assesses,validates individual/ group learning needs, requests for educatn programs, by performing duties such as observing activities, discussing issues with team members, analyzing data such as staff competency assessments/growth plans, practice chgs, quality improvement indicators, to determine specific educational/training requirements. Plans, develops, implements, evaluates a range of formal/informal eductnl programs /proposals for staff to meet learning needs, in collaboration with the designated supervisor/stakehlders. Coords, scheds timely educationl activities, identifies outcome indicators, evals/revises programs as needed. Supervises designated staff by performing duties such as determining shift scheds, assigning /coordntng work, facilitating resolutions to work issues, ensuring completion of service documentation, providing technc; assistance. Acts as a positive role model by using appropriate, effective communication, problem-solving, conflict-resolution methods. Trblshoots staffing/schduling related issues, ensures coverage of designated service areas with appropriately trained team members. Orientates, supports, coaches staff, preceptors/preceptees in BMET skills/behaviours implementing role modeling, mentoring, individual/group educ/ teachng and learning principles and processes. Develops, implements individual growth plans to address identified staff learning needs by coordinating the develpmnt /implementation process with designated supervisor /designated personnel, ensuring a growth plan for each staff member. Provides regular updates to designated Director(s) on learning progress of staff. Facilitates learning by acting as a resource, demnstrting expertise/leadrshp. Monitors staff progress against growth plan, modifies/updates plans as needed to support staff's ability for achievement. Implements variety of teaching/learning strategies congruent with determined growth/ learning plans. Develops new, implements approved pols/procedures/business mgmnt processes associated with the implmntation of project/service by investigating feasibility of alternatives, making recmmndtns, preparing initial drafts for approval. Evaluates outcomes by monitoring policy, business chg implementation, seeking feedback from user groups, maintnng communicatn with concerned parties through to resolution, making recommendations for future changes. Receives, investigates, resolves issues arising from user group feedback. Performs demand maintnce on wide variety biomed/electronic equip, devices, ancillary products such as patient monitors, defibrillators, ventilators, incubators, centrifuges, hemodialysis machines, anaesthetic machines, electrosurgical units, heart-lung perfusion equip, medical imaging equip by methods such as testing, calibrating, trblshooting, repairing,upgrading performance to ensure equip, devices, ancillary products are operating safely, effectively, efficiently in most cost effective manner in compliance with manufacturer's specifications. Carries out preventve maintnance routines, inspections, evals using variety of test equipment/tools such as safety analyzers, conductivity meters, oscilloscopes, multimeters, defibrillator testers to ensure medical equipment is in proper working order. Monitors radiation levels of equip using radiation meter to ensure levels are within established limits. Maintains/calibrates test equip. Documents activities, maintains complete, accurate records by methods such as preparing service files on existing/new equip, maintaining detailed records on equip service histories, recording all demand and preventative maintenance on equip, tracking warranty programs. Informs clinical staff on the status of their medical equip inventory; prepares prevntive maintenance, performance assurance, operating procedures/schedules. Provides training /educatn sessions as relevant to the project/service implementation; prepares all supporting materials, presentations, researching elements as required. Provides orientation /tech support to clinical staff, other hospital staff, patients on matters related to medical technlgy by methods such as identifying user, patient needs, reviewing, evaluatng technical material, compilng information such as appropriate equipment practices, writng tech procedures for operation of equipment, devices, ancillary products in clinical environment, preparing appropriate training materials, demonstrating procedures on use of equipment to ensure optimal performance, safety, providing related info/advice as required. Participates in selection, eval, installation of med equip by interpreting clinical needs, developing tech specs, identifying vendors, reviewing vendor submissions, evaluating equipment for tech acceptance/safety prior to selection, making recommndtns for purchase. Works in conjunction with vendor, clinical area, other departments to plan, implement installation of equipment. Performs incoming safety, performance inspections to ensure conformance with manufacturer's specs and other safety standards and regulations. Determines tool, instrumentation, spare part requirements for equip maintenance; assists clinical areas in ordering accessories/supplies by identifying suitable sources, evaluatng products for clinical, cost effectiveness and completing purchase reqs as required. Participates in a variety of risk management, quality imprvmnt activities to enhance, ensure the safety of patients/staff by methods such as responding to incidents involving med tech, inspecting the equip involved, collecting information, documenting all aspects of the investigation, and providing input into the development and implementation of recommendations to prevent the recurrence of such incidents. Identifies hazards, submits hazard reports when deficiencies are observed. Researches, provides input into modifctn, redesign / develpmnt of biomed devices, tech in order to improve the quality of patient care or to reduce costs. Provides consultation at point of care to clinical areas such as ORs, intensive care bedside while biomed devices are in use by performing duties such as setting up, operating various biomed devices such as lasers, hyperbaric chambers and emerging technologies. Participates in orientatn of new staff / students by demonstrating tech procedures, usage of equip, interpretation of inspection tests, monitoring progress, ensuring policies/procedures are respected; provides input to Supervisor/designated personnel as requested on individual's progress in achieving established stndrds of practice. Maintains understanding of clinical procedures, practices involving med devices/related tech such as sterile techniques, OR protocol to ensure the ability to interpret customer needs. Keeps abreast of changing techs /procedures by participating in professional development activities, reviewing journals /literature, attending training courses/seminars. Interacts with vendors, manfacturers ,regulatory agencies on tech related issues. Performs other related duties as assign

Vaccination Flag

As per the current Public Health Orders (Long Term Care/Seniors Assisted Living Provincial Health Order and the Health Sector Order), as of October 26, 2021, all employees working for Providence Health Care must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Proof of vaccination status will be required.