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Farpoint Technologies

Farpoint Technologies

Posted on Thursday, December 21, 2023

Farpoint, a trailblazing AI transformation consulting firm, is at the forefront of empowering top-tier organizations to shape the future with AI. Our focus lies in assisting large public, private, and government entities in building the next generation of AI-assisted workforces. Specializing in LLMs, Diffusion models, multimodal models, and executing special projects, we are seeking a dynamic VP of Engineering to lead our AI innovation initiatives.

Our Vision: At Farpoint, we are driven by a culture of hard work, adaptability, and delivering tangible results. Thriving in our fast-paced startup environment requires creativity, self-motivation, and a passion for machine learning. We value an extensive understanding of deep learning techniques, fostering continuous learning and professional growth.

Responsibilities: As a key leader in our organization, you will play a pivotal role in developing cutting-edge AI solutions that enable our clients to optimize workflows and harness the power of artificial intelligence. Responsibilities include:

  • Designing, developing, and optimizing the infrastructure and capabilities of our automated enterprise machine learning platform.
  • Applying theoretical concepts in machine learning, mathematics, computer science, and engineering to develop AI solutions.
  • Implementing learning algorithms for domain-specific problems and integrating them into machine learning models.
  • Selecting relevant features for predictions through data processing and statistical computing methods.
  • Training machine learning models using novel optimization techniques, transfer learning, and hyper-parameter optimization.
  • Evaluating and explaining experimental results using appropriate metrics and collaboration tools.
  • Enhancing and inventing efficient, secure data pipelines for AI foundational systems.
  • Collaborating with software development engineers and fellow machine learning engineers to optimize our AI platform.

What We Value:

  • Team members who dig into the details of the data and aren't satisfied with surface-level answers.
  • No ego; the outcome matters more than who gets the credit.
  • Extraordinary ability to confront open-ended problems in unstructured environments.
  • Adaptive and introspective individuals willing to learn, guide, lead, and follow.


  • Masters in Engineering or Computer Science, or 4+ years of experience in developing and deploying commercially relevant deep learning models.
  • Experience with programming, scripting, or statistical packages (Python, PyTorch, Tensorflow, and CUDA).
  • Strong understanding of deep learning mathematics, including Calculus, Linear Algebra, Probability Theory, Statistics, and Optimization.
  • Familiarity with machine learning building blocks such as Transformers, Multi-headed attention, Convolutional Neural Networks, Diffusion models, Graph Neural Networks, and other Time Series modalities.
  • Experience training models across multiple GPUs and nodes leveraging data and model parallelism modalities.
  • Willingness to travel 25 – 75% (varies by location and team).

Compensation:Total compensation includes salary, Restricted Stock units, sign-on bonus, and potential future incentives. Compensation will be determined based on individual qualifications, work experience, skills, and other factors.

Life at Farpoint:Our work is unconventional, focusing on creativity, collaboration, and human-centered innovation. We prioritize hiring individuals with insatiable curiosity, irrepressible optimism, deep empathy, and the ability to collaborate effectively. We value end-to-end thinkers who build strategies and execute plans to completion.