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Posted on Thursday, November 16, 2023
About the Role:
BWZ is hiring for a copywriter with experience working in SaaS marketing who can tailor detailed software review content for a variety of verticals and topics. This role will leverage proprietary systems to research, review, and write about software for an engaged audience. This role will primarily work with the technology content team, directly contributing to revenue growth and serving a critical function for our advertising platform, with additional cross-functional support opportunities as they arise.
Who you are:
This role is an exciting opportunity for someone with a passion for technology and the ability to infuse research into content creation to develop high-quality reviews. An ideal candidate works quickly and carefully, managing priorities and asking for help when needed to ensure they're focused on the most impactful work they can accomplish. This role would also benefit from someone already experienced in distilling complex information into easily digestible and engaging information within the software and technology industries.
Experienced writing about SaaS tools and services— The focus of this role involves researching, reviewing, and writing about software and SaaS tools. You have proven experience understanding and translating user needs in software and can convey that information in an authoritative, honest, accurate, and easily digestible way.
A master of the English language —You breathe life into dry topics, can effortlessly weave in the perfect metaphor to explain a complex concept, and obsess over syntax and grammar. You have an opinion on the oxford comma.
Constantly in the pursuit of knowledge — You are a pro at producing in-depth content on topics you are well-versed in and deeply knowledgeable about. And for subjects you are unfamiliar with, you are just as comfortable digging in and thoroughly researching. You are a stickler for details and know how to communicate a big-picture idea or topic clearly and thoroughly. You go far beyond scratching the surface on any topic and aspire to cover it comprehensively.
Strive to maintain high standards of quality and excellence — We care deeply about our audiences and want to publish best-in-class content that they will enjoy and come back to revisit. You will be responsible for writing A-list software review content that hits the mark and requires minimal editing. You are comfortable taking traditionally dry subject matter and making it extraordinary and captivating.
Priority-oriented — You have never met a workload you couldn't balance and prioritize. You are an adept task juggler, able to quickly assess what work you can accomplish in the most timely manner and when/how to ensure your priorities align with organizational objectives.
How your success will be measured:
The success of a Technology Copywriter at Black and White Zebra is measured equally on quality and quantity. We'll look for consistency in the production of content that meets and exceeds expectations of quality. We'll also review how the work you produce drives impact for the organization through several data sources.
You'll also be measured based on your professional growth. We don't expect change overnight, but we do expect you won't be the same copywriter you were six months after you started.

In a typical week, you'll balance a mix of:

  • Technology Content Production: Produce high-quality software reviews with attention to detail and a clearly communicating features, functionality, and use cases.
  • Research: Stay up to speed on the latest tools and trends in the market; developing deep expertise and a strong understanding of strengths/weaknesses of individual tools to infuse unique and helpful insights to your content.
  • Inventory Content Upgrades: When needed, keep our existing content up to date and of the highest quality in terms of relevance, accuracy, and value.
  • Cross-Functional Copywriting Work: Assist other arms of the organization with copy requests as needed.

Your skillset includes:

  • Professional copywriting experience: 2+ years
  • Experience writing about SaaS tools and B2B content: 1+ years
  • Grin-worthy English writing skills
  • The ability to breathe life and inject humor into traditionally dry and technical topics
  • Command over voice, tone, and narrative with the ability to adapt and grow
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Self-motivated and self-starter

Nice to haves:

  • SEO skills
  • Familiarity with WordPress
  • Experience or a portfolio of SaaS product review content
  • Experience creating copy in-house for a SaaS tool
About Us:
Black and White Zebra is a rapidly growing, independent media tech company headquartered in Vancouver, B.C. Canada. Since 2012, our portfolio of influential digital publications has been helping millions of people succeed at work.
Our brands cover project management, product management, people management, customer experience, quality assurance and others, with the goal of connecting people with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to succeed professionally.
We got our start in 2011 as The Digital Project Manager blog, founded by our CEO Ben Aston. Since then, we’ve grown into an international team of 50+ creators, strategists, and innovators with a portfolio of more than 12 online publications. We enjoy an impact-driven environment that combines the agility of a startup with the creativity of an agency and the diversity of a global company.
We’ve recently ranked #30 in The Globe and Mail’s Fastest Growing Companylist and received a CMI award for Best Digital Publication for The Digital Project Manager—and we’re listed in both Canada's Top Small & Medium Employers, and Best Employers in BC.
All of this growth is driven by our commitment to our mission: In a world of evolving skills, practices, and technology, we’re creating a playbook for the future of work and empowering communities to create it with us.
Diversity Equity and Inclusion:
Black and White Zebra is an equal opportunity employer and considers all candidates for employment regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, citizenship, age, disability, marital status, military or veteran’s status (including protected veterans, as may be required by federal law), sexual orientation or any other category protected by law. We celebrate all backgrounds and attributes that continue to help make our team impactful, iterative, adaptable, and fun!